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Campaigns, Events, Fundraising & Branding

Dear Boys & Girls Club
2021 Annual Report: Design, Layout & Photography
Tales of Tenacity & Triumph
2022 Annual Report: Design, Layout & Photography
Big Top of Dreams
2022 Celebrate the Children (gala): Theme Creation, Design & Branding
Garden of Wonder
2021 Celebrate the Children (gala): Theme Creation, Design & Branding
About Boys & Girls Clubs
Overview Brochure: Design, Layout & Photography
Great Futures Gazette
Biannual Print Newsletter: Design, Layout & Photography
Comprehensive Rebranding Campaign (Student Collaboration)
Bavarian Baking
Branding, Design & Layout Development (Student Project)
Orlando Local
Brand Development, Style Guide & Website Mockups (Student Project)


Storytelling, Production & Editing 

Beacon of Hope
Impact Feature (Event Highlight)

A Lighthouse in the Storm
Impact Feature (Event Highlight)

Small Children, Huge Hearts
Holiday Fundraising Campaign

A Constant Home
Fundraising Feature Video

The Power of Mentorship
Fundraising Feature Video

Happy Mother’s Day
Social Media


UX, UI & Coding

Boys & Girls Clubs
Complete Website Redesign (In-House Marketing Project)
Boys & Girls Clubs
UI, Style Guide, Wireframes & Mockups (Student Project)
Whale Hello!
JavaScript, Interactivity & Creative Design (Student Project)
Custom WordPress Template, UX & UI (Student Collaboration)
Trucks & Parts
Custom WordPress Template (Student Collaboration)
Paper Fortune Teller
Design, Layout & JavaScript Concept Development (Student Project)


Portraits, Landscapes & Cityscapes